A Day in the life of a Theater kid

you know it’s sad when he believes the fake smile you theatre experience has given you….



ahh Show time!

Coming home from a final dress, peeling off your fake eyelashes and smelling like you took a bath in pure hairspray… yep, that’s normal :)

always acting.

In life you never know any person’s full story except for your own. I’ve found it helpful to know someone whos always happy, or atleast seems happy.

You know how the old saying goes, “Any actor can fake tears, and believe it.It takes a true actor to fake sincearity and make people believe it.” I dont just make the other people believe it, I make my self believe it. when I sit there just smiling, odds are I’m not really always happy, I’m just making my self be happy. Thinking of the things I could possibly take my mind away from the negatives. Or just away from the world its self, hence me constantly gazing up at the sky, whether cloudy day, starry night, or the bright sun. its one of the ways to find bliss nin the crazy screwed up world we live in.

fuck it all.

can i just say this for all of the people out there that audition for countless shows and only ever get chorus. people fucking need to be able to show off what they can do but there’s no way n hell that’s ever gonna happen if directors dont let them. people always tell me that I’m really talented and I shouldn’t stop singing. and yet I have had 1 lead and one minor role ever. I’ve been doing this for numerous years…. I just got the cast list for my 13th show….. and I am in the chorus. I’m gonna take the role and turn it into a great experience, but if your like me and never seem to get a decent role just dont give up <3 eventually someone will give you a chance, and when they do take it and run. show everyone that ever doubted you that you can do it! for everyone who never did get their break, and be humble about it because theres always someone who can come and take it away from you…


for you shanon


for you shanon

Harry Potter THE Half-blood Prince

 did you know that Harry Potter is a half-blood?????????? and he shall forever hence be known as “Harry Potter, The Half-Blood Prince!” 

Harry Potter crazy ;)

so some friends went to see HPDH today and after we got back to my house we decided to have a dule… i won ;) but i was curious so I looked up some spells and fond the “Leek jinx” it is a jinx that makes you sprout leeks from your ears… this made me smile and laugh so much :D

screw stress

Have you heard the saying “I throw my homework in the air sometimes! sayin, AYYYO i’ll take a ZEROOO!!” ? well thats what i encourage you to do on friday!  thenI think that everyone should take a break and go out with some good friends, not gossip, or talk about what people said about you. just have a good time and forget the stress everyone has in one way or another, because i have many friends who are suffering from stress… i suppose that is just what happens in high school.